Compilation CD  
Bobbi Style Nancy Briggs Green Dolphin Street
Nancy Briggs Misty
Dave Symington See What I Mean
Jim Byrnes Joe Coughlin It’s a Jungle Out There
Joe Coughlin Sweet Little Angel
Jeff Standfield It’s So Easy
Jeff Standfield Rainbow
Nancy Briggs Jayne Dinsmore When I Fall In Love
Jayne Dinsmore Look of Love
Bobbi Style Girl Bobbi Style Passion
Joe Coughlin Steve Grout Way To The Ground
Steve Grout Big Ol’ Slush Canoe
Steve Grout Keep On
Woody Sparks Blue Into Green
Woody Sparks Cool, Man
Woody Sparks Midnight Fire
Jayne Dinsmore    
Steve Grout    
Sylvi MacCormac    
Kristina Shelden    
Woody Sparks    
Jeff Standfield    
Dave Symington    


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