Vancouver Adapted Music Society celebrates 30 years of supporting artists with disabilities in 2018.

VAMS provides opportunities for people with physical disabilities to learn, record and perform music - a form of  self-expression that's also an opportunity to re-imagine what's possible.

"The power of music can inspire people, bring people together, help to find ones self and enrich life for yourself and those around you," says program coordinator Graeme Wyman. 

"Music can also make a powerful impact to form and create a community as well as give a sense of control to someone’s life. These qualities and more are what we strive to create, develop and mature at the Vancouver Adapted Music Society." 

When the new expanded music studio is complete, we hope to bring many more people with disabilities through a musical experience that can inspire and transform both the musician and audience. Every time a VAMS musicians takes to the stage it shows the would that disability is not a barrier to creativity. 

Music is an opportunity for self-expression, an outlet for creativity that can help improve quality of life. 

Consider making a donation today so that more people with disabilities can experience an outlet for creativity and self-expression.

“When you have a disability you need an outlet more than ever” - Codi Punnet.

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