The VAMS studio uses industry-standard equipment including a 64-bit iMac running Apple's leading DAW software Logic Pro 9 Studio, and an Onyx-1620i Mackie Mixer.


The iMac and M-Audio Axiom 49 keyboard are height-adjustable to accommodate wheelchairs. A jouse – joystick-operated mouse which can be operated by the users’ mouth or chin – and a head mouse can be used to operate the equipment. There is a Jamboxx, a breath- driven musical instrument and midi controller that only requires the use of a users' mouth and neck to play the instrument. 


The studio also contains an Ibanez electric guitar and bass, Takamine semi-acoustic guitar, a left-handed guitar, Roland TD-4 V-Drums, Roland Octapad SPD-30 drums, Yamaha digital piano and a custom vintage tube microphone.


Participants can play instruments live or program sounds note by note to build and record up to 256 track multi-track recording projects, burning their completed work at 24bit/96kHz DVD quality. The studio is also 5.1 capable with a full Blue Sky 5.1 monitoring system.

How-to instructions here.


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